25 of the Best Queenstown Restaurants


Just say Queenstown restaurants and mouths start watering. These Queenstown restaurants are right up there with some of the best restaurants in New Zealand. With a fantastic mix of people, cultures and philosophies forming the Queenstown restaurant scene, there are a huge variety of places to try. These restaurants are great for family dinners out, couples nights and an evening out with friends. From burgers on the lakefront to fine dining, you’ll love these Queenstown restaurants.

1. Bunker

Tucked away in a discreet alley, Bunker offers a romantic ambience with its rustic charm and roaring fireplaces. This hidden gem serves up a sophisticated menu featuring contemporary New Zealand cuisine and delectable produce like blue cod, paua and scallops. The wine list is impressively curated, complementing the dishes perfectly. A must-try Queenstown restaurant for an intimate dinner with a special someone.

Queenstown Restaurant - Bunker
Image Credit: Bunker

2. Captains Restaurant

Located in the heart of Queenstown on Ballarat Street, Captains provides a classic dining experience with some great people-watching seats from their outdoor tables. Somewhat of a Queenstown staple, Captains is known for its high-quality steaks and fresh seafood. This is the perfect place for dinner if you’re after fresh oysters and a superb steak. The nautical-themed decor adds to its unique charm.

Image Credit: Captains Restaurant

3. Flame

Just a stone’s throw from the waterfront, Flame brings the vibrant flavours of South Africa to New Zealand. This lively spot is famous for its succulent grilled meats and generous portions. The energetic atmosphere is enhanced by the open grill where diners can watch as their dishes are prepared. Don’t miss their famous ribs and cocktails!

Image Credit: Flame

4. Pedro’s by the Lake

Offering panoramic views of Lake Whakatipu, Pedro’s by the Lake is Queenstown’s ultimate Spanish restaurant. Here you’ll indulge in tapas bursting with enough flavour to transport you to Spain. Pair dinner with delicious sangrias and you’re in for a treat! The restaurant’s picturesque location makes it an ideal spot for dinner. The menu features fresh, local produce and lots of seafood, perfectly paired with local and international wines.

Pedro's by the Lake
Image Credit: Pedro’s by the Lake

5. FOGO Brazilian BBQ Experience

For a taste of Brazil in the heart of Queenstown, FOGO Brazilian BBQ Experience provides an authentic Churrascaria dining experience. Diners can enjoy a continuous service of fire-roasted meats served at their table, along with traditional Brazilian sides. The lively atmosphere and festive music make FOGO an unforgettable dining adventure. Find it on Ballarat Street in the heart of town.

FOGO Brazilian BBQ Experience
Image Credit: FOGO Brazilian BBQ Experience

6. Soda

Soda is a chic, trendy spot with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Known for its inventive cocktails (crafted in a seriously great bar) and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, this restaurant encourages a social night out. The menu features a range of small and large plates designed for sharing, making it a perfect place for gatherings with loved ones. Views of Lake Whakatipu steal your gaze during a night of great food and drink!

Image Credit: Soda

7. Jervois Steak House

Renowned for its premium cuts and impeccable service, Jervois Steak House is a must-visit for meat lovers. The restaurant boasts a refined, yet unpretentious atmosphere, where guests can enjoy top-quality beef and lamb sourced from the best New Zealand producers. The extensive wine list is expertly selected to complement the rich flavours of the dishes.

Jervois Steak House
Image Credit: Jervois Steak House

8. Finz Seafood & Grill

Situated on the edge of the water, Finz is the go-to spot for seafood enthusiasts. With its stunning views of the lake and mountains, this restaurant offers a serene dining experience. The menu is a tribute to the sea, featuring sustainable seafood prepared with minimalistic flair to highlight the natural flavours. The seafood platter is a must-try! Plus, there are plenty of tasty picks from the land like slow-roasted beef short ribs and grass-fed eye fillet. The elegant setting and exceptional service make Finz a standout dining destination.

Finz Seafood & Grill
Image Credit: Finz Seafood & Grill

9. Tatsumi

Tatsumi offers an innovative approach to traditional Japanese cuisine. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, the menu combines classic techniques with modern twists. The intimate setting and minimalist decor provide a peaceful backdrop for a refined culinary journey. The sushi and sashimi are particularly notable for their freshness and artful presentation.

Image Credit: Tatsumi

10. Winnies

Famous for its gourmet pizzas and lively atmosphere, Winnies is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. The retractable roof makes it an excellent choice for any weather, offering a sort-of alfresco dining experience when the weather permits. In addition to pizza, the menu includes a variety of comfort foods and an impressive selection of local and international beers. The energetic vibe and transition into a nightclub after dark make Winnies a fun place to dine and party.

Image Credit: Winnies

11. I love KIMCHI

I love KIMCHI serves up authentic Korean cuisine with a focus on traditional flavours and techniques. This cosy restaurant is known for its wide array of kimchi, made in-house, and other Korean staples such as bibimbap and bulgogi. A true crowd-pleaser is their Korean fried chicken, with large portions of chicken and cold beer going down a treat. The simple yet welcoming decor adds to the homey feel, providing a comfortable environment where diners can enjoy a taste of Korea.

Image Credit: I love KIMCHI

12. White & Wong’s

White & Wong’s brings a fusion of Asian flavours to Queenstown with its modern take on street food from various Asian cultures. The menu is vibrant and diverse, featuring dishes from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. The waterfront setting and chic, contemporary design enhance the dining experience, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors looking for something uniquely delicious.

White & Wong’s
Image Credit: White & Wong’s

13. The Bavarian

The Bavarian offers a hearty taste of Germany right in the heart of Queenstown. Known for its large portions and authentic German fare, the menu features favourites like schnitzels, bratwurst, and pretzels, accompanied by a range of must-try beers on tap. The lively beer hall atmosphere is enhanced by long communal tables, making it ideal for groups looking to enjoy a convivial dining experience.

The Bavarian
Image Credit: The Bavarian

14. Walter Peak Gourmet BBQ Dining

For a unique dining experience, Walter Peak Gourmet BBQ offers a spectacular gourmet barbecue at a historic high-country farm on the shores of Lake Whakatipu. Accessible via a scenic cruise on the TSS Earnslaw, this restaurant provides not only a meal but a memorable journey. The menu showcases local produce with dishes cooked on a huge grill, all set against the backdrop of stunning mountain views.

Walter Peak Gourmet BBQ Dining
Image Credit: RealNZ

15. Sherwood

Sherwood stands out as a community-driven establishment that integrates a restaurant, bar, and hotel with a focus on sustainability and wellness. Located on a picturesque hillside overlooking Lake Whakatipu, Sherwood offers a menu that is deeply rooted in local and seasonal produce, promoting health-conscious and eco-friendly dining options. The ambience is relaxed and earthy, with frequent live music events and workshops that reflect its commitment to cultural and environmental initiatives.

Image Credit: Sherwood

16. Tanoshi

Serving up some of the best Japanese food in Queenstown is Tanoshi. It’s tucked away down an alleyway and is a crowd favourite. This popular spot creates the most delicious Japanese tapas like their tori ten (garlic soy marinated chicken tempura) and gyu tataki (seared ribeye served rare). Try their grilled scallops and gyoza too. Tanoshi Iko is their fantastic lunch location on Searle Lane – great for bento boxes and ramen!

Image Credit: Tanoshi

17. Bella Cucina

The home of authentic, so so tasty Italian food in Queenstown. Bella Cucina crank up their woodfire oven each evening for wood-fired pizzas, warm olives and must-try dough balls. The small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant transports you to Italy, with plenty of character and charm. Bella Cucina change their menu daily, always working with what’s fresh and most delicious. You’ll find pizza, pasta and other Italian mains here that will have you wanting more!

Bella Cucina
Image Credit: Bella Cucina

18. Blue Kanu

Blue Kanu is a must-visit when in Queenstown! They’ve hit the nail on the head with scrumptious Pacifica and Asian style sharing plates and incredible cocktails. The space evokes the tropical holiday vibes, and the trust the chef option allows for total relaxation and a seriously enjoyable night. Dishes like their Kung Pao Roast Duck Nachos with avocado, whipped goat’s cheese mango and peanut sauce will have you wondering where Blue Kanu has been all your life. The flavours are fresh, bold and exciting!

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Blue Kanu
Image Credit: Blue Kanu

19. Rātā

Rātā is one of Queenstown’s fine dining restaurants and meets the demand for unpretentious, quality dining. The menu is always inspired by the local surroundings, with blue cod and merino lamb often gracing the menu. Though the menu changes daily, a favourite that keeps coming back for more is the goat’s cheese profiteroles with honey and rosemary. A beautiful start to a night at Rātā. Save this one for a special occasion, splash out and enjoy the full experience. Oysters, champagne and all!

Image Credit: Rata

20. Nest Kitchen & Bar

Nest Kitchen & Bar is a hotel restaurant, unlike you’ve tried before. The beautiful views overlooking Lake Whakatipu are some of the best restaurant views in Queenstown, and the food is equally impressive. Serving up a contemporary New Zealand menu that reflects the setting well, this is one of the must-try restaurants in town. Dishes such as Fiordland Venison and Roasted Oamaru Cauliflower will go well with your ‘smoking’ cocktail of choice. If a bit of everything sounds about right, the degustation menu and three-course tasting menu options are perfect!

Nest Kitchen & Bar
Image Credit: Nest Kitchen & Bar

21. Margo’s

For when you need a delicious dinner in a great atmosphere, that you know won’t disappoint. Margo’s bring exciting Mexican food to Queenstown! From tacos to fajitas, you’ll find your favourites here. Margo’s also have a delectable vegan menu with tasty picks that everyone will love. Their drinks menu is one to explore too! Sip on a frozen margarita and snack on Queso Funido (hot cheesy fondue dip) with tortilla chips while you decide what else to order. The team here are amazing so you’re sure to have a great experience at Margo’s.

Image Credit: Margo’s

22. Ferg Burger

The one and only Ferg Burger does live up to all the hype. The burgers are consistently incredible and you’ll likely want to go back for round two. Dine in spots are available if you’re lucky enough to score a seat. Or take your order to the lakefront for some quintessential Queenstown dining. Perky’s floating bar is the ideal spot to chow down on your Ferg Burger too, with a BYO food policy and great drinks available onboard. Don’t forget to check out Fergbaker, Mrs Ferg and Ferg’s Bar while you’re at it!

Ferg Burger
Image Credit: Ferg Burger

23. The Cow

The Cow is an unassuming little restaurant down Cow Lane in Queenstown. It’s been a great favourite amongst locals forever. The Cow pump out delicious pizza and spaghetti! The walls are lined with schist (a local rock) and the fireplace inside is roaring. The flavours here are the classics done well, with spaghetti bolognese and prosciutto pizza. Their garlic bread loaf is an absolute must-try! You can even order a half-serve of spaghetti which helps in your efforts to try everything!

The Cow
Image Credit: The Cow

24. Botswana Butchery

Botswana Butchery is right on the lakefront, and the restaurant has a warm, welcoming feel. The experience falls under a fine-dining category, though it’s more just a focus on spectacular food with wholesome service. Botswana Butchery is the place to try merino lamb rack, wagyu rump and angus eye fillet. Pair your proteins with different sauces, butters and sides, and you’re away laughing. This Queenstown restaurant is perfect for a special night out.

Botswana Butchery
Image Credit: Botswana Butchery

25. Eichardt’s Bar

Eichardt’s Private Hotel is one of the most spectacular 5-star hotels in Queenstown, with plenty of history in its walls. Eichardt’s Bar is oozing with this same atmosphere, and is a great setting for an evening of cocktails and tapas. Everything is exquisite, from their famous seafood chowder to their pork belly and jalapeño donut off the tapas menu. Cosy up by the fire for an intimate dining experience like no other.

Eichardt’s Bar
Image Credit: Eichardt’s Bar

Cover Image Credit: Nest Kitchen & Bar.

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